Dental Implants New Baltimore, MI

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. Our CAD/CAM technology makes placing an implant much easier. 

First, we take a CBCT scan to evaluate the bone level, and digital impression with a quick scan. If there is insufficient bone to support the implant, a bone graft is needed. 

digital CBCT scan of person's mouth to evaluate bone density for dental implants New Baltimore, MI dentist

computer screen showing digital impression of a person's lower teeth, dentist New Baltimore, MI

The data is then merged to plan the implant placement, and a surgical guide is made with this data:

digital scan of person's mouth showing plan for dental implant placement, New Baltimore, MI dental implants

surgical guide for placing dental implants New Baltimore, MI dentist

Next, the surgical guide is used to place the implant into the bone, and a healing cap is placed to allow the tissue to heal for two months. Once the tissue is healed, a crown is milled in our office and cemented in.

diagram showing surgical guide in place in mouth and dental drill creating hole for dental implants New Baltimore, MI dentist


series of four images showing progression of missing tooth in mouth, then hole drilled for implant, then embedded implant post, then implant crown in place in final image. dental implants dentist New Baltimore, MI

before and after image collage showing multiple missing teeth and stages of them being replaced by dental implants New Baltimore, MI dentist